Our Grass-Fed Organic Beef

Our USDA Certified Organic and 100% grass-fed cattle are a Scottish Highland/Black Angus cross which ensures lean and flavorful beef. Here is what some of our customers say about it:

We have been getting the beef for many years. The taste reminds me of the beef my father grew when I was growing up on his farm many years ago. I guess his farm was “organic/natural” since Dad fed the cattle the grain he grew on the farm. I value the fact that I can trust Janet and Greg to deliver a product I KNOW is safe for me to eat.  -       Helen Cox, R.N., Nutritionist

Have been a loyal customer for 6 yrs.now.Top notch farm,top notch products,& top notch people.AAAAAAA++++++ Highly recommend to those who want the best, without inflated prices…  -Mark Theobald, Individual Beef Buyer

We do not use growth hormones or antibiotics. The cattle are never confined in a feedlot, but spend their time out on pasture with access to clean water and shelter.  Through the winter months the cattle are fed hay. It takes approximately 20 months to raise a calf to market weight.

Our beef is marketed in many different ways. We sold to the first organically-certified restaurant in the country – Restaurant Nora in Washington, D.C.; we sell to a natural food store – Choices Natural Market in Rockford, IL; Minnesota Life College in Richfield, MN purchases our beef for use in their cooking skills classes; and we sell quarters and halves to individual buyers.  Our most recent marketing effort is providing Beef CSA shares to people in the Central Illinois and Chicago areas.

We’re dedicated to protecting the environment and setting an example of land stewardship, and we thank you for helping us do that by buying our beef.

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